Group Light Language Sound Healing - Individual Ticket

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Group Light Language Sound Healing - Individual Ticket


Language of Light Sound Healing Meditation with Danielle Morningstar -- Sound Healer, Reiki Master and Energy Medium.

Light Language is a divine multidimentional communication channeled from the higher realms of creation through Danielle to create a mutifaceted healing experience.

Benefits of Light Language include:
- Energy balancing and repair
- Better connection to Higher Self
- Realization of soul purpose
- DNA activation and repair
- Clearing of unconscious blocks
- Raised level consciousness
- Assistance with spiritual awakening
- Enhanced intuition
- Relaxation and rejuvenation

Experience the healing power of vibration and sound with a symphony of Tibetan Singing bowls and Light Language. Danielle will be channeling Light Language in concert with the musical magic of handmade Tibetan singing bowls as well as quartz crystal singing bowls for a high vibrational healing experience.

These singing bowl sounds may benefit you in the following ways:
- Stress reduction
- Pain relief
- Renewed energy
- Chakra balancing
- Inner harmony
And More!

You should bring: For your comfort, please bring a mat, pillow, blanket etc. Chair seating will also be available if that is preferable. 

Optional: Feel free to bring a journal to jot down your experience. We will have time after the meditation to discuss and journal.

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A few pics from past events!